Thursday, January 31, 2008

February Host Needed

Now it's true that BunnyGirl is going to do our special holiday themed FFCs, but we still need a host for February's regular FFC. If no one steps up, I can do it, but since the point is to get folks involved, I'd prefer to have someone else host.

Holler at me via my email link over to the right or leave a comment below with an email addy so I can get in touch with you if you're interested.



bunnygirl said...

Hey, Virginia-- I'm not up for hosting the regular Feb carnival, since I'm doing Valentine's, but I had an idea on theme that might make things easier. Why not go elemental for the next four months? Earth, Air, Fire, Water. One per month. It would be one thing the next carnival hosts wouldn't have to worry about, although of course if someone wants to host and has a strong urge to suggest a different theme, that would be okay, too.

Just an idea.

Virginia Lee said...

Topic isn't the issue, hon. I have topics. It's the emailing, formatting of stories, and marketing that I need hosts for.

I can handle it if need be. Maybe after we have it going for a while other folks will volunteer. It just kind of defeats the purpose of a blog carnival to have the same one or two people hosting all the time.