Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentine's Day Flash Fiction Carnival

It's almost Valentine's Day, and you know what that means!

Another holiday-themed Flash Fiction Carnival!

Anyone who wants to join is welcome. Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be 1200 words or less, 1000 or less strongly preferred.
  • Must have a Valentine's/Love theme of some sort. It can be love gone bad, but the theme has to be in there somewhere.
  • Must be fiction (duh).
  • Can be old or new, posted on your blog or someone else's, or even published in a zine somewhere, as long as it's linkable.

Any other questions? Just ask!

Send your permalinks (urls) to me between now and the 13th via the comments section below or via email to uhamp "at" yahoo "dot" com. If you don't have a blog or would just prefer to have your story posted here, email it to me and I'll be happy to take care of it for you!

Happy Writing!


Virginia Lee said...

Nyah nyah! I actually have mine nearly done thanks to good prompts I ran across last night. I figure after I finish it'll run no more than 750 or so.

I dunno when I'll post it yet. Or where.

Yay! BG's first official FFC 2008 Holiday Flash is HERE!

Lucian said...

Shademoss Asks the Ancient Oak

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy said...

I'm in. Here's the link to my flash fiction story that appeared in The Chick Lit Review in Sept/Oct 2007 issue:

The story title is "This Rugged Road" and it's about a change of heart decision!

Anonymous said...

Here's mine -- Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! :)

Moonlight's Gift

Kathleen Oxley said...

Mine's up!

143 by Kathleen Oxley