Monday, January 21, 2008

January Flash Fiction Carnival: NEW

Thank you, one and all, for submitting your stories!

Now here's the deal:

  1. Read the lovely stories that everyone has written!

  2. Comment on every participating story as there are only eleven flashes in this FFC. Our policy:

    Participants are expected to comment on their fellow writers' stories and to be constructive in their criticism. A pat on one's figurative headbone is swell, but an honest critique is better and helps everyone. Non-participants are welcome and encouraged to comment on stories as well.

  3. Here are the stories --

    The Getaway, by William Edwards.

    Tall Tales of Q, by Kate Boddie.

    Something Old, Something New, a Will and Diana Adventure, by Ann Pino.

    Beginnings, by Serena Casey.

    Memorable, by Gwen Mitchell.

    New Blood, by R. Jill Fink.

    The New Jacket, by Dante Persechino.

    New, by Ray M. Solberg.

    Forceps, by Caleb Mark.

    Spirit Twins, by Gayle Hedrington.

    Shelf of Dolls, by Alannah Joy.

    Go read! Write your comments. Try to have them completed by the end of January.

    Enjoy---and thanks for joining in January's Flash Fiction Carnival!


Kate Boddie said...

I have so much reading to catch up on! I love this blog, by the way. It's a great idea and allows me to keep up with the FFC much easier than trying to catch the thread on the board.

Virginia Lee said...

Yay! That was the whole idea, Kate. Now what we have to do is spread this concept across the globe so more people participate each time.

A very wise working writer I knew years ago from a writing chat room told me more than once that the thing that stops most good writers from getting published is fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of their work actually being read by someone other than themselves. And fear of reprisals.

I figure if we can have this forum as a means for people to expose their writing to a wider audience, allow them to get constructive feedback, and to have NO REJECTION as part of the process, then we're doing some good. Ain't nobody gets nowhere unless they take that leap.

Serena said...

Some really nice entries. I couldn't comment on "Shelf of Dolls" or "New Blood" because they only had the Google/Blogger choice or But I believe I got the rest. Thanks to Arachne for hosting!

Arachne Jericho said...

"Shelf of Dolls" is now open for comments from everybody, and not just Blogger/Google. Thanks, Alannah!

Talking to Jill about "New Blood".

Serena, thanks for the heads up!

Arachne Jericho said...

"New Blood" is now open up for comments from everybody as well, thanks Jill.

All good to go!

R. Jill Fink said...

Those were some awesome stories! I really appreciate this blog and all you do. I posted on all of them, and thanks so much to those that have posted on mine so far. (Sorry about the glitch, Serena.) You writers all rock!

Ray M. Solberg said...


Thanks so much for organizing this. Not only did I get to read some new cool stories, I get to become a "fangirl" for some new cool authors too (So many talented writers here!). I learned from reading other's works and thoughts toward their writing process as well.This will hopefully help me to continue to evolve and improve.

This seemed like a lot of doing to pull together so successfully - thank you for all your efforts. :)