Thursday, January 3, 2008

January Flash Fiction Carnival Theme: NEW

The stories and links are LIVE! Go! READ!


This is Arachne Jericho, your hostess for 2008's January Flash Fiction Carnival.

If you're new to Flash Fiction Carnivals, please see the FAQ and read Virginia's intro post and the sidebar. PLEASE ask questions in the comments if you have them. Other people likely have them as well.

The theme for this carnival is:


You may write in your preferred genre or try something new. (Ha!) It is entirely up to you.

You have from now until the end of Friday, January 18th, to finish your stories.

If you have a blog:

  • Write a 500-1000 word flash story based on the theme, NEW.

  • Turn on your comments! (You can leave comment moderation on to avoid spam and/or abuse, but everyone must be free to comment on your story post. Feedback is what we want, so this is a must.)

  • Email the carnival host, Arachne Jericho, with the permalink to your individual blog post. Your email address MUST be valid so we can verify that we've received your entry.

  • That's it!

If you don't have a blog:

  • Please send a short biography with your story. A few sentences is fine.
  • Please proof your story before hitting send. FFC hosts are not your mama or your English teacher and your story will be published as we receive it.

  • Send your bio and edited story via email to me, Arachne Jericho. Your email address MUST be valid so we can verify that we've received your entry and confirm your participation.
After midnight PST,
January 18th,
NO more submissions
will be accepted.

Stories being hosted in the FFC 2008 blog will go live, along with everyone's permalink, on January 21st.

Each carnival member MUST comment on a minimum of 10 participating flashes by the end of January.
This is an obligation, not an option.

Note: This number may increase if we get a huge number of entries, but it will not go above 15 at the most. The FFC III demonstrated that more than that is too many for most people to manage. You are, however, free to comment on as many stories as you wish as long as you meet the minimum number.

CLICK HERE to submit your stories & bios or permalink to your story's blog post.

Happy writing! HAVE FUN!

-- AJ!

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