Sunday, January 13, 2008

Do You Crave POWER?

Are you interested in having a group of writers follow your lead? Do you feel up to the challenge of creating a theme for the next Flash Fiction Carnival? Finally, are you willing to put forth the time and effort to promote the FFC you host and gather the permalinks and stories to be hosted here at the FFC 2008 blog and then post them on the expected day? Shoot me an email and volunteer!

Seriously, we need hosts for the coming months. My goal is to have up to four people signed up for each month to host so if one or two have something come up in their schedule, someone else can step in to fill the void. Also, if you are interested in hosting special FFCs, send me a proposal and I'll discuss it with my advisors (yes, I do have advisors) and if it flies we'll give it a go. As of now, I'm thinking that after a while I'd like to offer up themes for micro-flashes to be delivered in 24 hours. Traffic to our little FFC 2008 blog is increasing daily and as interest grows, hopefully the number of writers will as well.

Finally, I'm thinking of creating a password required workshop blog that would enable people to post flashes they're working on and get crits/comments from folks to make them better. Since it would be open to those with the password only, it would enable writers to perfect their pieces to be submitted to lit zines and so forth. What do you think? Either email me or comment below about this idea.

I look forward to hearing from you.


bunnygirl said...

I think I'm already on the books as hostess for a Valentine's FFC, right?

Virginia Lee said...

Well, I just sent your second invite to join the blog team, Goobunny, so yeah! :-D

Kate Boddie said...

I'd be interested in a flash workshop since I'm flashing more and more every day . . . you know what I mean.