Saturday, May 31, 2008

June Flash Fiction Carnival


This is Glenn D'mello, your host for the June Flash Fiction Carnival.

If you're new to the Flash Fiction Carnivals, please see the FAQ and read Virginia's introductory post and the sidebar.

The theme for this month's carnival is:


You have from Sun, Jun 1st, through the end of Sat, June 21st, to finish your stories.

All genres and all writers are welcome.

To participate in the June FFC:

  • Write a 500-1000 word flash story based on the theme: Breakfast.

  • Post it on your blog.

  • Put a comment here, with a link to your story. Add a short bio or note.Leave your email address.(See the March FFC announcement for why an email address is needed).

  • If you do not have a blog, send me your story and I will post it here.

  • Read and comment on the stories after they have been posted, which should be in the order that they are received.

That's it really. Sharpen your pencils and start writing.

Thanks for playing!

Note: the story does not have to deal with breakfast. You can choose to write about anything around breakfast. For instance, you may choose to write about the hour before breakfast, or the view from a kitchen window or a 24 hour diner. Write about anything that moves your pen when you hear (and think of) breakfast.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, Glenn! Glad to see you involved here after all. I'll be submitting a link to you soon from my archives.