Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moderators / Admins Still Needed!

The wonderful and talented Susan Helene Gottfried of West of Mars has agreed to help with some of our future flash fiction carnivals. I've been told that the lovely Gwen Mitchell will also assist, but we could use a few more volunteers to rotate duties.

This isn't a very onerous gig-- just think of a theme, post the theme and deadline, then post the links to the stories. Think of it as a good deed and easy karma!

Leave a comment if you want to help, especially if you can organize a carnival in the May-through-August period, which promises to be a little hectic for me and Susan.



Gwen Mitchell said...

Hi Bunnygirl!

I've posted the May theme/instructions on the WR Blog at:

If I forgot anything, please let me know, and go ahead and post the re-direct/link here if you could.


Daily Write said...


(Repeat since first comment did not show up) - I'll be glad to volunteer. Just let me know when.